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Straight From Our Field, To Your Home
Johnny Hunter II & III
Award-Winning and Revolutionary Farmer in Southeast Missouri

"Johnny is amusing, articulate, and convincing. More power to him and those walking ahead of the slow herd." Brad Roon, 2016
About Us
Johnny Hunter is a 3rd generation farmer in Southeast Missouri. Specializing in Soil Conservation, Johnny has multiple awards and accolades and represents the future of soil conservation in his field. 

Follow the story of your rice...
The Story of Your Rice
Chapter 1: 3 Generations of Farming
Since 1954, the Hunter Family has been growing healthy and nutritious food for the Delta Region of Southeast Missouri. Johnny Hunter II practices Soil Conservation to protect the environment and ensure their farm lasts many more generations to come. 

Chapter 2: Cover Crops
Utilizing Cover Crops protects the soil the crops are planted in. Specific Plants are allowed to grow deep into the soil, promoting Soil Health and Fertility. The result is a thicker crop bed, which absorbs more water, with less top-soil run-off. 
Chapter 3: No-Till Farming
Castor River Farms utilizes No-Till methods, which decrease Top-Soil Erosion and reduces the amount of water needed to irrigate our fields. This results in less fuel for our large machines, which translates into less carbon-emissions from our farms. 

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